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Hans-Peter Wimmer
CONTACT CARD: Hans-Peter Wimmer

Born in 1962, Hans-Peter Wimmer has always been a committed entrepreneur. Having resolved at an early age to enter the family firm, Mr. Wimmer studied business administration at Pindl Commercial High School in Passau and later trained as a timber processing/sawmill technician at the LHK Institute in Rosenheim. In 1981, he began working at Holzwerke Wimmer by embarking on the first of several overseas internships. By 1993, he had taken over the helm of the company, growing it into one of the market leaders in solid construction timber.

In 2005, he sold the company and established Family Office Wimmer. He presently serves as CEO of 10 companies. Hans-Peter Wimmer also serves as Board Chairman of an Austrian private foundation and as Advisory Board Member for several mid-sized companies.


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