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Philosophy – In all our


We invest exclusively in enterprises that make a relevant contribution to the economic and technological development of society. Thus, we look for more than just short-term success. Thanks to our longstanding entrepreneurial experience, we are quite adept at recognising long-term performance potential. We are on the lookout for financial participations and projects that will carry over into future generations, and that will manifest our family’s values in a sustained fashion. This allows us to act and invest in a far-sighted, prudent and socially responsible manner.


It has always been a fundamental principle of our entrepreneurial approach to invest only our own capital. This makes us independent of external financing providers and frees us from the strictures of having to generate short-term profits. Moreover, it gives us the freedom to think far ahead into the future, to play by our own rules and to make flexible decisions.

Three fundamental values have stood the Wimmer family in good stead for generations, and they continue to guide us today:


Peak performance

From generation to generation, the Wimmer family has been engaged in a broad and continually expanding range of commercial endeavours. Down to the present day, all these activities have a common thread: Innovation and creativity. These are the key success factors that allow us to consistently achieve exceptional results, thereby attaining leading market positions in a wide variety of business sectors.

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